Jewels Harrison

Jewels still.jpg

Jewels Harrison was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three, and quickly learned to overcome his verbal and relational deficits through his musical gift and love for the piano. Now 17 years old, Jewels regularly collaborates with classical, jazz, and pop musicians, as well as performing as a soloist.

Currently, Jewels is enrolled as a student at Lagond Music School, where he studies jazz piano, vocals, and improvisation under the instruction of renown pianist and performer Anthony (Rusty) Cloud. He is also the inspiration and catalyst for the Simply Music Gateway Program, an online platform that provides online musical instruction for children and adults with special needs, and regularly performs with The Especially Everyone Ensemble, a group that specializes in providing inclusive concerts for people with special needs. Over the years, Jewels has helped to raise thousands of dollars for special needs groups through his performances at charitable events, and has become an inspiration for the entire special needs community.